Grammar Blog: Week 5:Buy Indent Today!


Hello, Folks.

I’m here to share with you the advantages of using Indent Marketing to advance your business interests today. When you need an in in the business world, please call us today, we will be indented to you to provide the best advertising experience possible!


Oh… I see you’ve discovered one of my many jobs related to grammatical terms that happen to be named after companies… I mean, we can’t surely be referring to the act where one simply nudges the opening sentence in a paragraph a little to the left. If we are, I have a horrible secret to tell. I do warn you that the following may be unsuitable to anyone’s eyes…


I’ve been trying to indent on this page for the last twenty minutes, but it never shows up. The other dirty secret? I love indenting so much thanks to academia.

Man, I really do.

It kills space. It signals the start to a new paragraph. It actually makes whatever I am writing look tiny bit more professional than before. The benefits for the paper driven college student are enormous. You really only need one, although there are up to four.

But trust me, and yes, you should trust someone who begins their sentences with “but,” you need to invest in indents today, and you only really need to use one kind. Shore up your indents today!