So… I have something to say about myself and my future.


Goddammit, Max. You come back for a blog post and all you can do is talk about yourself of all people.

After clearing the cobwebs off the site, I decided I had something to say.

I’m going back to NSC and I’m going to try and become a substitute teacher while I earn my secondary education degree in English.

Hooray me. Even those of you who are horrified at my career choice. My sparkling personality will let me persevere though.

So why such a big change? Even though by this point, I have changed my mind on so majors enough to be considered a doctor by this point?

It’s not that special really, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled after receiving my first B.A in English and nothing really changed for me job wise, so I decided to move on to something that’s actually related to my degree, and my innate desire to talk at people when they have no choice but to listen.

I suppose imparting some vague sense of wisdom and fulfillment to the younger generation is great too.

I also really really didn’t want to keep working in retail. Though that may no longer be an option since the place I work at will no longer be a place anymore.

I filled out everything I could. I have a full time schedule for Fall lined up filled with those Educational classes I never bothered to take when I was a pretentious English major. I filled out everything I could for my sub license, now I just have to wait for my transcripts. Then wait a few months probably because everything involving Government bureaucracy takes months. I also could have made my decision sooner when I was “thinking things over.” But I was dumb and slow, so opportunity saw fit to cut out my previous safe harbors and force me to a decision, so here I am, just hoping I’m passionate enough and not broke by the time I get my degree, and hopefully teaching position.

No, I’m not advocating overthrowing the Government over its inability to consider me more important than the other applicants.

Obviously time and money spent toward doing that could go to my education fund, so just throw money at me please.

He really referred to himself in the third person and he's a greedy ass.

Come on friends, let’s have a money fight. Winner and loser get to keep all the money so they can give it to Max.

If for some reason the person over looking my future application decides that he hates blogs, please don’t look for this. Instead, just imagine me being a stable individual who has an idea of what to do in his life. That’s much more true.

Because my browser doesn't like GIFS.

I hope you like GIFS.

So, I just blogged about my life.

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have advice or job offers that aren’t from spam bots… the comments are right below. I SWEAR I’LL WRITE ANYTHING FOR YOU!

Now to leave this post with my dignity attached.


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