In Which I Tell You About My Twitterness. There Will be a List.


I really hated using Facebook. From the incessant ads regarding a social media game I’d never play to the weird social media conflicts that I some how was involved in. So while I still have it sitting somewhere gathering imaginary dust.

I do, however, use my Twitter account everyday.

What can I say? I have preferences to what kind of social media I use. I’m a 21st century snob in that way.

I’ll admit I was using Twitter long before this class required me to do so. I like it because I can just receive the news I want to read instead of the conversations between family members I’m not interested in.

I use it for baseball news primarily from trade rumors, new articles from writers I like, and other miscellaneous things.

I use it for updates on video games release dates. It also gives me quick access to video game trailers and other things.

Do you know what I’m trying to say?

I’m a follower of Twitter, not someone who should necessarily someone who should be followed. And that’s fine, I like Twitter’s access to quick summarized information. In fact, the only time I needed to tweet something of original thought was because of this Twitter assignment. I mean, I write blog posts on this blog and I like to think that people would like to read it occasionally.

Oh wait, I almost forgot, I love following awesome people and gimmick accounts, and I think you should follow them too if you have any sense of humor.

(This will mostly be a sci-fi list. Sorry everyone else. Hello people who like Star Trek.)

You know what I love? Archer. You know what video games I love? Mass Effect. What happens when you combine the two in a union that was meant to be? Archer Shepard.

An example:

Imagine if you will, an unaired eight season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. If it’s something you’ve always been curious about, well here you go. I present to you TNG Season 8¬†all on Twitter.

An example:

How can you be a fan and not want to see THAT?

You know if you could receive a tip or advice from someone on the Enterprise. It was Riker. Everyone went to Number One and now you can too if you follow Riker Tips.

An example:

The beard, man.

Bonus: Riker Googling is great too. Now you can also have Riker’s search engine history!

An example:

But there’s one man on the Enterprise who had the best leadership advice. That man is Captain Jean Luc Picard. The best captain (COME AT ME). Picard tips is not only essential to your life on the starship Enterprise, but to your life in general too.

An example:

Alright, we’ve navigated from one piece of fandom…straight into another. If you remembered the 90s and you remember the Simpsons, I have great news for you. Simpsons Quote of the Day quotes everything Simpsons from season 1 to 11. It’s… Just magical.

An example:

I promise that’s the end of the list.

Anyway, I’m glad Twitter has allowed the creation of awesome gimmicky accounts like these. There are a lot of reasons I use Twitter, but fun gimmick accounts are by far the funnest. I mean, this is just too fun to miss out on.