GRAMMAR BLOG: WEEK 3. Correctness is in the Eye of the Beholder.


Full disclosure: I never played the game listed above. I just thought it was a cool title. Super Nintendo covers had a certain charm to them which isn’t really replicated anymore. That’s my subjective opinion that’s mainly based on five-year-old me’s perception of things and I’m sticking with it, because if there’s ever an answer for artistic subjectivity, it lies in the mind of five-year-old me.

I have no idea if I know what I’m talking about. So in a sense, grammar and artistic critique are very much the same for me. I just know it feels right when I see it.

But of course, correctness is varied in different contexts.

Let’s take a look at one.


Like I need to talk about more video games.

Formal: Overwatch is the greatest game Blizzard has released in the past five years.

Informal: Guys, Overwatch is the best thing Blizz has come out with, in like, a decade.

Slang (probably used in game): gud one blizz.

The formal one is the most accurate in its description because it leaves very little to open interpretation.

The informal one has information and has pauses in conversation that one is likely to hear. It also has an approximation of certain information, but it is not certain.

The slang sentence is one a player is likely to read in-game from another player quickly typing on a keyboard. It uses three words as opposed to the formal sentence that used thirteen.

Each sentence is correct in their own respective context, so when I mean “Correctness is in the Eye of the Beholder,” I mean “Correctness is applicable in varying circumstances and is up to the collective whole to decide the proper usage… in the Eye of the Beholder.”

But really guys, play more video games, it can’t hurt.


One thought on “GRAMMAR BLOG: WEEK 3. Correctness is in the Eye of the Beholder.

  1. Is it that each one is correct grammatically based off of different rules. Or do we simply decide that some rules can be ignored in certain contexts? I.E. we don’t care that it is incorrect.

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