Grammar Blog: Week 2. What do I Know About Wars?


We live in a world where Star Wars and grammar etiquette can be combined into one. Hell, I didn’t even use Yoda, and one cannot imagine the restraint needed to avert that.

I do, not try.

A little too forced, but that’s what you get when I type in “Grammar Wars” into Google and come out with grammar etiquette and Star Wars.

I’m not sure what I can write about the grammar wars we’ve already committed. I mean, I can say I’m more cognizant of the various types of grammar. I have a sense for what sounds right and how to “correct” most inconsistencies, but there is still more for me to discover. For example, before I had no idea there was really a separate category between informal and casual, but the more I saw them, the better my understanding was. The difference between informal and formal seemed to be a bit more subtle since they’re so close to each other.

I can now see the difference is in the details. Informal seems to have proper attention to detail, but with more superfluous information that isn’t necessary for the completion of the sentence. Closer to speaking, whereas formality is clarified in the writing.


Spoilers: Worf joins the cast in season 4.

“Is it alright that DS9, you know, the Star Trek spin off, is considered the best series in the Trek franchise?”

compared to

“Can Star Trek: Deep Space Nine be considered the best television series in the franchise’s history?”

Less acronyms and repetition make the latter sound stronger. It sounds like that was written while the former sounds like something that I would say.

Let’s take a moment to admire the fact that I transitioned from Star Wars to Star Trek wonderfully.


This really makes my post seem a lot longer, so therefore, better.

So it turns out I don’t know a lot about wars, but through this trek, maybe I can learn a little more.


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