Grammar Blog: Week 1. I Thought About Irony. It’s Probably More Annoying Than Capitalizing Every Word In This Title.


Perhaps I’ve become more GIF than man. It is an interesting question that may or may not have anything to do with the topic at hand. Would staying on topic really help?

Oh hello, second monitor, I think that lo-.

So writing.

There are a few things to choose from in regards to my annoyances with word crimes. The uninventive (My spellcheck may not believe this is a word, but in my heart of hearts, it now is.), but still true pet peeve would be the use of irony in anything.

I’m looking at you, Alannis.

Jagged little pill indeed.

Okay, in the interest of not sounding like a total asshole, I can recognize that she recognized the non-irony (Don’t care spellcheck, still using it.) nature of her hit.

One need only to look (If that phrase isn’t a little pretentious, I don’t know what is. Maybe more offensive than the use of so many. ()) to Bender from Futurama.

Anyway, it’s all Morissette’s fault. One, for the whole misrepresentation of irony, and two, for making me actually type out her name.

A random example of irony, which I hope is correct, because man, wouldn’t it be ironic if in seeking to provide good examples of irony, I failed and Morissetted it?

I set about saving the world with a device meant to save it, but in the end, because of horrible horrible fate, I destroy it with the same device meant to save it.

Okay, that’s more tragic irony, but I think it’s clear.

Fine fine, just look to Bender. He provides the dictionary definition of irony, while I provided a ridiculously tragic dramatic one.

It all counts.

But anyway, you’ve probably heard this from your English teachers or professors at some point. If you’re not sure about the correct usage of irony, just replace it with “funny” or “weird” and you should come out golden.

I only hope I could help.


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