Guys, I’m full of 21st Century Skillz.


21st century skills. 21st century skills. 21st century skills. 21st century skills. 21st century skills.

Okay, I’m think I’m done with that now.

*Examines brain* Sorry. Guess not.

I fit five 21st century skills in one sentence, but does that mean I have them? Sure I typed them out really fast. Just like I’m typing now. I would not say typing originated in the 21st century (skills), but it feels like their importance is wide spread and not just for stereotypes anymore.

My fingers feel dirty and decrepit now.

So glad I have this rather than a typewriter that’s probably a biohazard by now.

Typing has become a necessary skill in the 21st century. I had classes devoted to typing and beating the shit out of Mavis. Typing quickly really has changed in meaning, I feel. I mean if you’re not at least sixty words per minute, you might as well pull to the side of typing highway and let the other typers through because I’ve seen Lord of the Ring movies on Netflix with faster conclusions than you. It really is a 21st century skill that matches the pace of modern 21st century society.

YEAHHHH! I OWNED YOU MAVIS. You were also my driving tutor apparently.


Our typing has improved with our need to constantly update our statuses on Twitter and Facebook. If my best friend can’t find out I ate at Five Guys in less than a minute on a status update, he or she will never care.


Do you know what else is a 21st century skill?

Watching Enterprise on Netflix while writing this blog post with ten tabs open in two windows just because I “need” all of that information, both for leisure and intellectual purposes. If that is not a 21st century skill then I don’t know what the hell a 21st century skill is.

Though I suppose Mike Rose was not concerned about my Netflix habits, though he should, if he wants me to remember season 2 of Enterprise. But alas, he has other priorities in his article, such as, the first five words in this post. 21st century skills. He summarizes them thusly:

Twenty-first century skills include the ability to use a range of electronic technologies to access, synthesize and apply information. The ability to think critically and creatively and evaluate the products of one’s thinking. The ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with others, particularly in diverse and multicultural settings.

Well fine.

If I took out “electronic technologies” anyone could apply this to any century. Which is, you know, the point.

The range of skills is admirable, as is the intention that they apply to all students—an equity imperative. But what’s new about them? They sound like the skills one would have gotten from a good 20th century education—or from a lot further back than that.

There it is.

But there’s a reason I mentioned Netflix and having ten tabs open. I feel a legitimate 21st century skill may be the ability to multitask while using electronic devices, specifically on the Internet. This is helpful while conducting research for a paper, as I couldn’t imagine having less than a dozen tabs open for research and YouTube purposes.

I also used my 21st century skills for our MRW project. More specifically, I used Twitter and Netflix simultaneously in these posts here: “Following” and “30 Rock,” and I watched them too.

Live tweeting sounds like the most 21st century skill I’ve ever had. They’re both very much 21st century technologies and using them both in conjunction requires that I have the ability to multitask at least competently. Granted, multitasking did not start in the 21st century, but multitasking multiple web browser tabs, PDF reader tabs, computer files, and social media are 21st century skills because I’m essentially handling various programs that were not even invented when I watched X-Men on FOX in the 90s.

Rose does have his points though, as listed here:

The 21st-century-skills philosophy of education is an economic one. The primary goal is to create efficient and effective workers. Twenty-first century skills for the 21st century organization man and woman.

No disagreement here. When a large organizational force, such as, I don’t know, the public education section or the collegiate system deems that something must be taught and label it as something like “21st-century-skills,” the reason is usually primarily economical. Forget anything involving bettering the system or the student’s lives.

I made another blog post. Goddamn, that is really a 21st century skill.

Oh, 25 “21st century skill” sightings by the way. Now 26.


3 thoughts on “Guys, I’m full of 21st Century Skillz.

  1. Another skill you forgot: purposefully misspelling ‘words’ solely for intellectual purposes. (duhz)
    But really, I am about to become typing roadkill, probably before I even manage to finish typing this comment! Your mavis skills were highly impressive, and also I have never fucking heard of mavis. But still, zero errors per minute?! Really? I make 100 errors per every twenty- thirty seconds. Then, when someone is beside me watching my painful typing/deleting/re-typing process, that figure is easily tripled, quadrupled even.
    Perhaps you are useful in some way, Max. Perhaps.

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