So I Watched Some Things


As you can probably tell from my blog posts below, I watched some things. I even tweeted about some of them too. Though I didn’t really get to tweet all of them. You know? Laziness and all.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t read my opinions about them here though.

So on to business.


So the writer portrayed here was a stalker who couldn’t talk to people like a normal person. It was also implied that he was poor. Because writer, that’s why. The writer here is just a creepy white dude who got too deep in with his target. He became a part of the story instead of just making it with the keys of a type writer. He is obsessed with his target for the sake of story. He is repressed and he was only truly happy when he was typing on his antique (now anyway) typewriter. All writers must type at fifteen thousand words a second or else they cannot be the special creative types that pump out content. So largely, it focused on a middle aged unemployed white dude as a stalker, who said he was a writer. Not the most positive interpretation of writers.


I am unabashed Kevin Smith fanboy.

Alright, that’s out of the way.

Jesus fucking christ, Banky, just move on from Holden and date Hooper (See Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back). Wow, writers are insecure assholes. Even comic book writers. One cannot trust a writer to handle anything with any sort of emotional maturity. Same creepy attachment to ideals and the people that can’t possibly live up to their expectations. Hell, when Jay and Silent Bob are the guys who the main characters, in this case, the writers, go to for relationship advice, you know their perspectives are sort of fucked beyond recognition. It sure ends much better than “Following,” as everyone lives and no one goes to jail. Though they seem to be emotionally stunted jackasses who finally grow up when they realize how unfair it is to hoist their unrealistic expectations on partners that can never fulfill them.

Oh god do I love this movie now. More than when I first watched it, but Banky and Holden… Please let Alyssa be Alyssa. Sometimes love just isn’t enough.

If Only They Loved T.V As Much As Kenneth Did.

I watched episodes “Tracy Does Conan,” “The Baby Show,” and “The Rural Juror (Seriously, say this name and not hate yourself).” All portray Liz as the constant parent in charge of her show’s production form the writing staff to the actors. Actors are portrayed as selfish and narcissistic, and are incapable fitting in with reality. Writers are largely the same, but do their best to avoid any actual writing. The most accurate portrayal of writers anyone has ever seen. Writers are slackers and don’t really want to do the writing thing. All of them are white males and one black guy, perhaps as a reference to the diversity requirements for network television.

Across every T.V show and film, writers were usually portrayed as selfish, creepy, and white. That seemed to be largest consistent quality that carried on from media to media. Perhaps writers should consider presenting themselves as not creepy?

If you excuse me, I have to finish writing my billionaire autobiography where I stalk dinosaurs with my creativity.



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