I watched 30 Rock’s “Tracy Does Conan.”


It felt good to revisit 30 Rock. It really made me appreciate the show again. From Tracy’s hi-jinks to Liz’s futile attempts at maintaining any semblance of control over a cast of lazy writers and psychotic actors, I just loved seeing it again, so I walked in feeling good about the episode.

By the way, here’s the storified version of my live-tweet notes.

Liz, the head writer, is more of a mother figure than anything else. Though like the stereotypical depiction of writers in media, she wants to be alone, she’s sorta awkward socially, and no one appreciates her effort or creativity.

The cast of writers “brainstorm” for ideas. Though they think more about how to do the next real life gag on a co-worker more than they do for the comedy show they should be writing. The actual act of writing is about avoiding writing as much as possible.

It was great revisiting the show again and I hope you all enjoyed my live-tweet notes/commentary on the episode.

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