Some Unessential Random Opinion on the Bill Nye and Ken Ham Creationist Debate



Why the hell wasn’t this pic used to headline the event?

I don’t agree with Ham at all, but he did have a few good slides.

Bill Nye the Science Guy for life, dudes.

Also a link to video of the debate:



2 thoughts on “Some Unessential Random Opinion on the Bill Nye and Ken Ham Creationist Debate

  1. I think the whole thing underlies a problem with the internet and nut jobs everywhere. Before if you were a nut job with some fringe, obscure, bat-shit crazy theory, you had to work to find other nut cases who agree with you. Now no matter how bat-shit crazy you are, you will find a lot of people who can rationalize your bat-shit craziness. Bill Nye loses this debate just by having it. Let the nut cases keep their nuts. This thing really only lent credibility to Ham’s cause, and gave him a bigger platform to spur forth his craziness.

    • That is very true, but as I watched the debate, I think you could see Bill Nye not really debate Ham, but instead try to inform the audience of the wonders of the universe and how people shouldn’t be beholden to a single text. It was basically Bill Nye the science guy without the cheesy cartoon sound effects and cool experiments, but still had tons of corny cringe-worthy jokes by Bill. Which I admit, I did like.

      I suppose I can’t hate on the Science guy.

      But honestly, if I were Bill and I heard “There’s a book” one more goddamn time, I might have made him eat his slide show.

      Good points though and I largely agree, but I think if Bill even convinces one creationist watching this to think about his/her position, it might have been worth it.

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